I See Trees Screen

ature Illuminated

Birch & Willow is an artisan studio that creates warm and whimsical lighting as well as amazing functional and decorative screens. We use organic materials - bittersweet, wisteria, grapevine, willow, reeds, twigs and paper. We make our fixtures and screens by hand in Massachusetts. We sell around the world and we customize each order to suit your needs. 

Birch & Willow offers our own designs. We design and fabricate ighting fixtures, screens and weavings in collaboration with architects, interior designers and their clients. 

All Birch & Willow lighting fixtures are Underwriter Laboratory Listed.


photo credits: 
Katherine Ahern, Rolly Rouse, Martin Berinstein, Sarah Rogers and Roger Gordy.
Photos appear courtesy of Treehouse Design, 
Picasso: The Art of Hair and Chris Bentley