Ordering can start with a simple idea.

Ordering can start with a simple idea.

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Birch & Willow lighting fixtures are made by hand to order.

All orders are placed directly with Birch & Willow.

Explore our website to find images of and specifications for sconce and pendant lighting . You can select sconce or pendant designs shown on the website. Consider the possibility of our modifying existing sconce and pendant designs to meet your design and lighting needs. We specialize in creating custom lighting fixtures.

I am happy to work with clients to develop new designs. Your design idea maybe be a loose concept or include specific lighting and size requirements.

Ordering begins with a conversation about your lighting needs and design ideas. Contact me by phone or email to start the discussion. I can provide drawings and photos as well as paper and weaving material samples.

All Birch & Willow sconces and pendants are UL Listed. Table lamps and floor lamps are made to UL specifications.

The answers to most of your ordering questions including:

View terms and conditions, care and maintenance instructions and warranty on our Policies Page.

All of the Birch & Willow weaving styles and materials can be used to create screens and dividers.

We’ve designed and created screens to:

- hide a boiler in lower level restaurant

- obscure florescent lighting in an elevator cab

- create a visual barrier between restaurant entryway and dining areas

- decorative art in spas, restaurants and homes