Roost Pendant
Delightful opportunity to bring outdoors inside. It comes in three versions: Round, Oval, Eagle. We can customize the shape, dimensions, and color, too.

Hand-dyed reed, willow, twigs, grapevine, bittersweet vine, hand-hammered copper wire

Tiny Round: 10" h x 13" diameter
S Round: 16: h x 19" diameter
M Round: 20" h x 25" diameter
L Round: 24" n x 29" diameter
S Oval: 16" h x 22" w x 18" d
M Oval: 19" h x 27" w x 23" d
L Oval: 24" h x 34" w x 26" d
Roost Eagle Pendant is differentiated from Round or Oval designs by it's lower profile. Any of the Round or Oval designs can be modified to an Eagle design. For example: L Eagle Oval: 19" h x 34" w x 26" d
Call for details.

Tiny Round: One bulb 40 watts
S Round: One bulb 75 watts
M Round: Two bulbs 120 watts total
L Round: Three bulbs 225 watts total
S Oval: One bulb 75 watts
M Oval: Two bulbs 120 watts total
L Oval: Three bulbs 225 watts total
* Based on using incandescent bulbs. See our Light Bulb Page for options.