Twinkle Pendant
 Joyous compliment to any space. True to its name, our Twinkle Pendant is a little sparkle. We've experimented to offer the most pleasing and practical shapes.  The most popular Round Twinkle dimensions are listed below. Contact us for Shade, and Bell Twinkle  size options. 

Frame: reed
 Weaving: bittersweet, wisteria, grapevine, hand dyed reed

Dimensions (Round Twinkle)
S: 8” h x 8” d
M: 10” h x 10” d
L: 15” h x 15” d

Lamping *
S: one 60 watt bulb
M: one 75 watt bub
L: one 100 watt bulb

* Based on using incandescent bulbs. Alternative lamping options: light bulb page

Twinkle Pendant Cut Sheet